Sunday, January 30, 2005

Where is the Map?

WHERE IS THE MAP? (networks with no connections, all holes or fat)
This is the crisis-pattern mapmakers sadly see every time it turns out that the most vital and transparent network for keeping people safe does not yet exist. Lots may have been spent on technology but a network is only as god as its weakest personal link. Let's debate what this means you can help do for the 4 Tsunami maps: 1 next time crisis; 2 current urgent relief; 3 coordinating long-term development of all the ocean neighbours;4 within India Tsunami’s connections with other deepest needs, and globally

Here are some opening guesses of what the people will need to take the lead on. Yes you will need to improve/query them a lot if we the people are to lead:

Network 1: Geologists say that earthquakes are contagious and go in threes; whilst threes in this case probably means any time in the next 50 years, every time you see a geologist muttering it could happen again soon, lobby media, government; what we dont need first is expensive solutions; we need for example an emergency link centre at google; that's where any disaster message should be openly posted in by seismologits first instead of to themselves or up through bureaucracies: ASSUMING Google would set up a hotline; & ASSUMING posting out the alert we'd find email addresses linkedin like a bush-telegraph as near every coastline community as we can get in hotels, local tourist centres, whatever is the main thing in an area with an electronic postbox

Network 2; we need to have one best page of 1-click charities - a selection represents every country's coastline relief area or every main area where people are suffering within that; we should ask any website of importance to either put this page up or if its got a tsunami bookmark or check the contents of its one if it has. If India hasnt got a one-click credit card in-bookmark for world use for Tsunami relief, it should make one. Why not at DD if that's your biggest media?

Network 3: This must keep the world focusing not on last week's news but the next 5 years of developing all communities that were impacted; beyond the news needs some big broaddcast medias- why not a co-program of DD & BBC - to be doing documentaries, why not hero stories on whomever turn out to be the mother Thereses of the coastlines; why not link to one online discussion era of project franchises that have been made to work in one place and are ready in knowledge specification to be tried in other places

Network 4 : while the people are taking the lead on Tsunami and prompting govs and corps and media to be more and more energetic, lets link this inside India to all other major poverty issues that need deep reconciling, and outside India to other countries : eg 2005 is also supposed to be year of Africa so we should get corpoartions interested there as well as Tsunami, not one or other

All of the above is up for discussion. Your turn!


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