Friday, December 31, 2004

Forward planning is crucial for rehabilitation

Everybody is reacting and responding to the mega-disaster. There are several blogs that are doing a wonderful job in coordinating and connecting resources to each other. While relief organisations are providing immediate respite on a need basis, we thought we should parallely involve other people who have the capacity to continue after public memory fades.

This weblog will allow you to bring your ideas, skills and organisational capabilities to a mid-term relief and reconstruction operation and will provide government agencies one of many touchpoints from where they can harvest intellectual and experience capital.

We really don't know if this will become a serious enough contribution. It all depends on all of you who think that on-going disaster rehabilitation merits continuity of emotion ... maintaining the intensity of emotion that exist immediately in the aftermath of any calamity.

We look forward to your involvement.


Blogger Adite said...

Reactions to the disaster have at best been knee-jerk. In fact, even reportage on Indian TV channels about the disaster have focused almost completely on the "immediate" requirements. Surely they are most urgent, but nobody has yet (at least in the media world) thought of setting up a helpline where NGOs and ground level workers can interact with each other to find out whether the surplus materials in one area (like clothing) can be diverted to another area where they are in short supply. There is no thought being given to what the next stage of the relief process would need. People are being supplied uncooked rice but they have no money to buy fuel or no access to kerosene and stoves...Surely some corporate people who are in supply chain management can provide their expertise by helping to coordinate the relief efforts?

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