Wednesday, January 05, 2005

For all you savvy Fund Managers

It is one thing to exploit human feelings to amass funds for disaster relief and quite another when it comes to efficiently appropriating the money collected. The operative word here is "efficiently".

For example, when funds are pouring in from all quarters of society (remember the kid that donated his entire savings of Rs. 1350), is anybody thinking (are capitalistic corporates even advising the relief organisations) of putting the unutilised funds into some kind of interest-earning deposits.

My second question here is whether it is a plausible contention to believe that the huge sums of money collected will service only the immediate relief operations. I should think that if planned wisely, agencies should now have "start-up" capital that is adequate for reconstruction efforts as well as for reintegration of the affected, back into society. Any takers?


Blogger andersabrahamsson said...

This is excellent. Seeds funding for investments for long-term financing of sustainability innovation deployment is my call.

Charity is like band-aid.

But the undercurrent of the bleeding is too strong to have it permanently fixed, and the wound breaks up again.

At least an investment for stitching, metaphorically, should be the take. And in the end to prevent and foster a good forward development, where the root cause is attacked, and not just the symptom. No new deep cuts. Save our skins.

One contribution:

Setting up my take for "Incubator", to be renamed maybe


Transforming good Sustainability Ideas/Innovations to Sustainable Businesses and Organizations?

Using what I suggest 'Indigenuity'?

Ingenuity from Indigeous People?

To fill the so-called Homer Dixon named Ingenuity Gap?

collected from article


1. Ideas to have fishing boats efficiently produced with local means as one "investment"/"transformation area"?
2. "Info-structure" along the coastlines for early warning systems - and long-term relief with better informed people?

I have no idea for the first. I delegate freely and warmly to locals to find the best way to mass-manufacture lost fishing boats.

I have maybe one idea for the latter. - WiFi networks along the coastlines? - one success customer story

Ok. Let it pour.

I will drop a special on this one with a network collaborating for setting up a pilot of a

Sustainopreneurial Transformator Centerâ„¢

...later on.


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Blogger Adite said...

MS Swaminathan Research Foundation - - has been working with Indian fishermen and along the southern coastline. Their capacities could be strengthened to provide effective support so that fishermen can get back their livelihoods.

Another idea: How about pressuring the big brands to adopt villages for a year (initially) to help victims get their lives back. There are several domains that they could focus on: livelihood, reconstruction of homes, children's education, healthcare, etc..

Some big celebrities in India (namely, Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Priety Zinta) have announced that they plan to adopt a village to ensure rehabilitation of tsunami victims. These actors also are brand ambassadors for Pepsi, Videocon, Cadbury, Santro, and a whole host of brands. Perhaps, these brands could tie up with the actors' efforts and also gain branding mileage in the process! Any corporate takers for this idea?


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