Friday, January 28, 2005

Tsunami wikis

I imagine this tsumani wiki is one of many- why not tell us others; I am not very experinced in wikis; if we already have someone who is keeping an eye on collating their views please identify yourself; here's an extract from above wiki:

Analysing the Mobile Phone System to Alert for Future Disasters In Sri Lanka the telephone company analysed the mobile phone connections and traffic and were able to assess the number who'd died. Perhaps, this could be taken further in that suppose the location of mobile phones that suddenly switch off was noted and constantly analysed. This could then give a quick warning about a disaster that takes everything down, when linked to weather and other observation satellites. In the current disaster, would the fact that everything had gone bang in Indonesia, been sufficient to alert the world that there was a serious incident happening. _ ===Ensuring that money does not dissappear from other worthy causes? I don't have an answer for this but it concerns me that one of the "suggestions" in the news seems to be that some of the money being pledged by governments is merely being diverted from other causes... I wonder if this may also effect other charities that collect for other emergency situations, if people feel that they've given enough, maybe these charities may suffer in the short term??? What do people think? Is this a problem too? _ ===Build safe places on barrier islands


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