Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is this the #1 story of our life and times? If not , please tell me what is?

# 1 compelling story of our lives and times???
how abundant energy and clean water - and so the economics of abundance became to be co-created is very simple provided :
you have a good enough map (help us develop it)
you all collaborate around developing this treasure

value: because those places with the most extreme climates either have the most desperate energy needs or capabilities to multiply sunshine's energy flows or both
innovation: they are where people have spent longest with experimenting with solutions, as well as any cross-cultural conflicts or historical errors
nature: they are where nature most wants to help save the world from the system of system crises of threat and opportunity that waves dynamise

come on humanity, since 1984 scripts from leading economists have suggested this is the major entrepereneurial 1 2 challenge to network collaboratively around, before all our global villages learn how to network other value multipliers and 30000 projects worth open sourcing all over the world


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