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tsunami and Singh's 50 years research odyssey of end underclasses being compounded by nations everywhere

Literature & practice review of social maps of Make Poverty History tracked worldwide over 3 , 25, 50, 75 years by Future Historians 1 2 , Economists and Other Systemic Visualisers

First a live case Catalytic Communities and the only one that is connected with internet execution - if anyone has advice at any time on how to fine tune - a gift to the world from Brazil, please say (to group or me at I am doing pro bono work on this one as part of Global University of Poverty's interests

My overall deadline on this and other stuff in this post is 2007 when I hope to report back to the worldwide meeting of Gandhi alumni being hosted by the Indian government to celebrate one of his conflict resolution theory's landmarks

The bookmark also explains the origins of a journalistic research circle founded at The Economist London into make extreme poverty history globally one the internet evolves with the final deadline being 2010 as discussed in our 1984 book. Of course we never have a complete plan, but we have been looking for systemic pieces of this jigsaw of which about 100 interfacing components are openly catalogued. They also overlap with an English view of Drucker's lifelong areas of advocacy including social ecologist, knowledge work privititisation,... My father was eg in Russia in the mid 30s the same time as Peter, or born in nearby cities, as well as following a 10-year younger career path that asked the similar big questions as a writer on very long and big learning curves (such as webbing every local society's ethical right to participate in global networking, and ensuring as far as humany possible that too large power in one man's hands never corrupts or blow us all up especilally as agency of mass destruction become distributed by this here net or nature's destabilised waves )

Going back 50 years, my father studies of economics at Cambridge University almost overlapped with the Indian Prime Minister Singh (12 years my father's younger). In a recent alumni letter of Cambridge University, Prime Minister Singh renewed his appeal for the number 1 agenda of our life and times - how to ensure that no nation compounds an underclass. My father recognises how Prime Minster Singh has been working on that economics and social theory for 50 years - incliuding corectly being very critical of the teachers of social economics in Cambridge 50 years ago. The relevance of this research goes through the doube caste system of India's Untouchable & Britain Upper Class raj, to terrible compound consequences on nomads, to today's tensions between East Muslim and Western Bush*Cheney*Blairs. But even if you support one side on that, you can also see Underclasses exposed by katrina's nature or paris's riots. Or the need for microfinance many areas of womenworld (1) or children world with dire need for deep democracy in many African communities where parents have been cut down by HIV. Utter compound failure or risks of waves and by performance management of global knowledge of economic and political constitutions of many nations as well as United Nations.

75 years ago we have as good a body of knowledge on truth testing, trust protocol infrsatructures of sustainability investment in grassroots commmunities as has even been produced - author Mahatma Gandhi. Some may know that no less than Einstein appraised this work as mathematically and practically outstanding

If you know of any institutes around the Washington DC regions particularly who might want to double check that our 75 year breakthrough sources and theirs connect in some deep way, I would love to hear of that. Again I can swap with you the list of instritutes my father or I have already contacted on this matter at top levels of coordination. As well as provide a list of co-reviewers of my father's work which amongst others have included a younger Romano Prodi who translated 1976 Entrepreneurial Revolution into Italian


chris macrae, London & DC ( 301 881 1655)


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